Director / Cinematographer / Photographer located in Vancouver, BC. Established Deo Studios 15 years ago after leaving a profession in the High Tech, R & D, and Engineering fields to pursue my passion for film and photography.
Since then I have photographed people in Canada, USA, South America, Europe and Asia, directed 5, won best cinematographer and film editor awards, and I was selected as a finalist in the 2012 Hasselblad Masters competition. I have been commissioned to produce stunning imagery and marketing material through film and photography for fashion and commercial industries worldwide. My work is  very personal for each client. I'm always looking to bend light to give that perfect look. I don't think there are bad pictures or compositions, it's just how we perceive what is good or bad. We often feel time never stops and I feel photography allows you to keep a moment from running away. People are certainly my cup tea in terms of subject and always feels... 
"will my pictures express what is that person thinking at that very moment"

We have built a business where all members of our team have equally respectful work ethics and the common goal to produce visually compelling images, while providing the client the positive experience and satisfaction that they deserve. We pride ourselves in reinventing ourselves often through continuous learning and experimentation, so that we can always offer fresh and creative products to our clients.
With a global group of photographers who have lived in Asia, Europe and North America, Deo Studios is a cross cultural group of photographers and creative artists capable of photo-documentating any event with the cultural sensitivity and understanding need.

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